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    Leaders of the Provincial Party Committee Visited the Company’s Construction site
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        On the morning of March 20th, Xin Changxing, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Provincial Committee, Deng Xiangyang, Minister of organization of the CPC Provincial Committee, accompanied by Xia Xiaofei, director of the Aged Cadre Bureau of the CPC Provincial Committee, and Chen Xiansen, former deputy director of the Standing Committee of the CPC Provincial People's Congress, visited the Veteran Cadre Activity Center Project construction site to inspect the work. The chief engineer Lin Hai and the staff of the project Department from our company warmly welcomed the arrival of those provincial leaders.

        At about 10 am, Secretary Xin and Minister Deng came to the project site of the provincial old cadres activity center, and shook hands with the employer, the supervisor and the project staffs one by one. The provincial leaders stopped at the entrance of the project department and attentively inquired about the functional orientation and the progress of the project. Within six months, the construction site has been changed from a vacant land to three high-rise buildings. They highly affirmed the progress of the project construction.


        Along the way, the provincial leaders listened carefully to the detailed explanations of the project manager, deeply understood the regional functions and highlights of the construction process. The secretary said on the spot that to respect the veteran cadres is respecting our party's precious wealth, to take good care them is protecting the party's ruling resources, and to learn from them means is learning from our party's glorious traditions. We should proceed from the reality, each region should really play its due role, and effectively protect the physical and mental health of veteran cadres. At the same time, he also reminded us the safety and quality while catching up with the progress of the project, never ignore quality and safety, and always be highly vigilant, to create a boutique monuments.

        Then, the leadership team came to the meeting room of the project department, and has a cordial exchange with the relevant project leaders, patiently listened to their opinions and suggestions on the integration and utilization of various resources to do a good job for veteran cadres. Xia Xiaobai, Director of the Lao Gan Bureau, and Chen Xiansen, former Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Congress, introduced the details of the construction of facilities in the center and related work. While affirming their achievements, the Secretary and the Minister  encouraged the staff of the project department to have a deep understanding of the necessity and urgency of the transformation and development of the work of veteran cadres in the new era, and to constantly explore new ways and new methods, so as to actively make suggestions for the transformation and development of the work of veteran cadres.


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